My name is Brian West. I have never served in this Squadron but have adopted the 213 Hornets as a virtual combat Squadron. For a 49 year old this may seem a little sad but, everyone needs a hobby, at least I stay sober and my wife knows where I am. I became interested in the 213 Squadron over a year ago but found very little on the internet except two books. One by Mr Frank Leeson  ( A Hornet Strikes) who is kindly assisting me with this site and one by a Mr John Walton ( Desert War Diary) that describes the trials and tribulations of the guys on the ground, keeping the Hurricanes airworthy and ready for scramble. I also came across a site The RAF Heraldry Trust that is commited to preserving the RAF Squadron crests.

They have enlisted the help of a fine artist, Mary Denton   * to complete the project and as each is painted they are presented to RAF Cranwell where they will be kept in controlled conditions for future generations. I noticed that the 213 did not have a sponsor and it was my pleasure to commission the work. I will also be sponsoring the name of a 213 Pilot on the Battle of Brtain Monument that is being planned for a plinth alongside the Thames in London.

This website is my way of giving RAF No 213 Squadron its own place on the World Wide Web.    
I hope you approve.

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Whilst Mary Denton was engaged on painting the Squadrons Crest I ordered one for myself showing the Queens Crown to represent the post 1953 period. The finished Battle Honours Crest has now been completed and presented to RAF Cranwell and as sponsor I was sent a transparancie of the finished work by Flypast Magazine who are also sponsors of the Heraldry Trust. Unfortunately, I had my painting proffesionaly framed before I remembered I was intending to scan it into the PC.

With the transparancie, it is very difficult to lift a decent print but I will endavour to get a better picture to post here later. In the meantime you can click on the thumbnails to see the best I can do so far.
The finished Work *