R.D.G. "Widge" WIGHT

Although I was never a part of the Squadron I am delighted and honoured by the kind remarks I have received from  the 213 Squadron members about this site.  I am very pleased  that my efforts are so widely appreciated and that's all the thanks I need. However, occasionally some things happen that make all my efforts truly worthwhile.

Widge was just one of so many young men who were reported missing in action.  By necessity the Squadron went on with its daily missions. Many pilots had been lost and there were to be many more. The eventual fate of these young men  were consigned to the relatives and the past.  I know Widge was lost in action 11th August 1940. I had come across another site, owned by Roger Bragger, showing Widge's medals and a little about his last flight and asked the webmasters permission to link to it.   The link is below and will open in a separate window.

A year or so later I was contacted by Roger and Barbara Green who  had  seen the link when they were looking for information on Widge. The reason  for their interest was that they had been given an old trunk containing a lot of  correspondence between Widge and his parents. Roger  and Barbara are very keen   Genealogists and had produced a "Timeline" of Widge's career from the letters. They very kindly invited me up to see if I could use any of the material on the website.  They were delightful hosts and it is all down to them that I am now able to write a small  part of Widge's story. 

My sincerest thanks and gratitude to them both.

That alone would have been a true reward but recently I received an email from a gentlemen  who was serving in 213 Squadron at the time of Widge's last action. He was posted away from the Squadron a few days later. He wrote to ask if I had any information concerning  what had happened to Widge. With the information I now had I was able to explain the sad outcome of events, I think that he is happy he now  knows the answer to the fate of his friend.and that he has a final resting place rather than the many that will always remain as missing .

If I achieve nothing else with this site,  I will feel privileged that I was able to provide an answer. Although the following pages are in memory of Widge I would like to think it is read as a testament to the courage and sacrifice of all the young men who gave their lives in defense of our Country

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