213 Squadron Association
Reunion and General Contact Request
Dear Friends & Colleagues,

We are now into the 101-year anniversary of the formation of the Seaplane Defence Flight, RNAS, the precursor of 213 Squadron RAF. Who ever thought we would still be holding well attended anniversaries so long after the disbandment of 213 Squadron on 31st Dec 1969!

Here are some details of our next event. Note that last year in the full belief that it would be the last ever reunion, Frank Leeson quite properly used the last of the Sqn Fund to pay for table wines. So this year, please choose & pay for your own wines from the bar separately before sitting down. I hope you are agreeable to my adding £3 per head to pay for table menus, place cards, table plan, postage costs for those not on email and for inevitable items in the future such as funeral flowers. This has already been added to the cost you see below. A full account will be kept:

DATE: Monday 11th June 2018.
TIME: 12-Noon for a 13.00 sit-down Lunch.
PLACE: Ballroom, RAF Club, 208 Piccadilly, London W1.
COST: £45.00 per head (£90.00 per couple).
DRESS CODE: Jacket & Tie.
MENU: RAF Club Summer Menu No.2 with a Vegetarian Option (please state your preference).

Inevitably, security has been stepped up at the Club. So, for events of more than 50 people, someone has to be at reception to identify attendees as they arrive. Dave Trusler has kindly volunteered. Just in case he does not know all of you, please identify yourselves to him upon arrival.

You may know that Michelle Karen Mannveille-Johnson has put all the Squadron’s photos onto DVDs and set to appropriate music. I have seen them as rough copies and can vouch that they will bring back memories, some sad and some happy. We hope to have some of these playing in the background during lunch. You may purchase copies from Michelle who will be there. After Michelle has done her work, I hope to deposit the 5 albums and other squadron memorabilia into the RAF Hendon Museum for safe keeping for the future. June & I will be visiting the RAF Museum on 10th May for a preview of their new exhibition facilities & to discuss storage of our items.

For now, so that I can give the Club some numbers, please let me know the names of your party definitely attending by 7th May. Payment arrangements will follow later. 

With now two warm days in a row, we hope that summer is here and that it will be a special and memorable one.

Once again thanks to Clive & Lucy Compton and to Frank Leeson and Bob Woodward (sadly no longer with us) for the sterling work done in the past in keeping the 213 Reunions going.

Kind regards,

Bala Naidoo 
All letters in lower case only