50th Anniversary
Although I put this website together it would not have been possible to even begin the task without other people lending their knowledge, time and support to provide the content for all to enjoy.  My sincere and grateful thanks for their input is documented elsewhere on this site. So far all the content has come from ex members but this particular gem was only made possible by the effort and foresight of two special people. One is  Flying Officer G Q Gumbridge who compiled this booklet celebrating the Squadrons 50th anniversary in May 1968. The other is a gentlemen called Peter Daniel.   Peter contacted me a few months ago and I will let him explain with an extract from his email.

My father,  WO2 Philip James Daniel RMP, served at JHQ BAOR, (1967-1971). We had the privilege of visiting many of the airshows at RAF Bruggen and Wildenrath as well as many RAF displays over Rheindahlen2, including the Blue Eagles (Sioux) helicopter display team, delivery of the first HS1127, Queen's Birthday fly-by's etc., I have photographs of many of these events. We also got to know many of the local RAF personnel.

During this time, from when I was  9 to 13 years old, I  collected many of the RAF publications available from the shows and many photographs taken by the then public relations officer who's name I think was John Millar-Kelly.  I have in my possession a booklet prepared by Flying officer G.Q. Grumbridge This booklet contains an excellent collection of pictures relating to the history of the squadron, and some narrative text as to the activities of the squadron etc." I would like to keep the original, but am prepared to scan the document and post the files to you on CDROM, I also have an extensive collection of other images from that period .

I was obviously delighted that Peter had kept this booklet, very grateful to him for making contact in the first place and taking the time and effort to prepare the pages for publication on the website.

Peter I am sure the members will enjoy this addition to the site and I would like to extend to you my own and the members thanks for your efforts that made it possible. 

Brian West

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