Marking the one hundredth anniversary of the formation of the Seaplane Defence Flight, RNAS a precursor of the 213 Squadron, RAF

DATE: Monday 3rd July 2017. TIME: 12.00 for a 13.00 hrs. Sit-down Lunch. 
  PLACE: Royal Air Force Club, Piccadilly, London W1. 
 COST: £38.00 per head (£76.00 per couple.) Which includes wine.
  DRESS CODE: Jacket and tie.
PROGRAMME: A cash bar will be open from 12.00 o’clock, followed by a sit-down Lunch which will be served at 1.00 o’clock, in the Ballroom.

You can download and print a PDF Attendance Form Here 

We have been the custodians of the Squadron Photographic Albums. 
Every year we have been taking those heavy books to the Squadron Reunions, because people enjoy looking at them and reminiscing.

The Squadron Reunions are coming to an end with the 100 Anniversary Lunch and unless we are lucky enough to find someone else to take the mantle and carry on with the reunions, Frank intends donating the albums to the RAF archives or the Hendon museum. We strongly feel that, Squadron members or their families might like to keep a record of the Squadron’s history before they become inaccessible. As on July 3rd the curtains might close for ever.

We have found a very gifted lady who not only can copy the photographs on to a DVD but also set them to an appropriate and fantastic music. 
The DVDs, can be viewed on a television set, a PC or a laptop and while watching them, it is possible to freeze the picture on the screen, thus allowing one to take photographs of friends or events dear to the memory. The DVD can also be rewound for a better look, can be paused to read the captions at leisure or just enjoy the show and the music. We have been given the 1st copy and Clive is at the moment glued to the television enjoying it.

There are 5 old albums and more recent photographs that could be included. (we could also, accept contributions of member’s photographs). 

We are hoping that Michelle Karen Mannveille Johnson will be able to join us on 3rd July for a demonstration of her work and that enough members will be interested to acquire the DVDs with the Pictorial history of the Squadron. 

This link is a trailer of her work for the Squadron.   

Lucy & Clive
100 Years